Sitemap - 2020 - Ordinary Plots: Meditations on Poems + Verse

Kwame Opoku-Duku's "They'll Ask You Where It Hurts the Most"

Diane di Prima's "April Fool Birthday Poem for Grandpa"

Christopher DeWeese's "The Field"

Shane McCrae's "Jim Limber Refuses to Enter Heaven Until He Has Lived a Happy Life"

Malena Mörling's "An Entrance"

Ross Gay’s “How to Fall in Love With Your Father”

Joanna Klink's "Elemental"

George Kovalenko's "Spooky Action at a Distance"

Eloisa Amezcua's "Teaching My Mother English Over the Phone"

Caroline Bird's "Sanity"

Adam Tedesco's "Panic"

Tarfia Faizullah's "Because There's Still a Sky, Junebug"

Denis Johnson's "Looking Out the Window Poem"

Geffrey Davis’ “What My Father Might Say, If I Let Him Speak”

Ken Chen's "Essay on Crying at Night"

Leslie Harrison's "[Dear god I ask]"

Éireann Lorsung's "Being"

Aimee Nezhukumatathil's "Letter to the Northern Lights"

Patrick Rosal's "Brokeheart: Just Like That"

Gerald Stern's "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Roger Reeves' "Children Listen"

Hannah Rego's "I’m On My Way to My Doppelganger’s Birthday Party,"

Larry Levis' "In the City of Light"

Cortney Lamar Charleston's "In Theory, We Are All Human"

Grace Paley's "Proverbs"

Paul Guest’s “A Long Time I’ve Wanted to Say Something”

Danusha Laméris' "Dressing for the Burial"

Jess Rizkallah's "Journal Fragments"

Claudia Emerson's "Frame, an Epistle"

Richie Hofmann’s "Field in Ohio"

Kevin Latimer's "Vertigo"

Bianca Stone's "Reading a Science Article on the Airplane to JFK"

Hayan Charara's "Mother and Daughter"

Carl Adamshick's "Everything That Happens Can Be Called Aging"

Suzanne Buffam's "Enough"

Karisma Price's "Tender Parts"

Alicia Mountain's "A Deer Mistaken for a Statue of a Deer"

Terrance Hayes' "The Same City"

Jamaal May's "Macrophobia (Fear of Waiting)"

Lisel Mueller's "There Are Mornings"

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