Sitemap - 2022 - Ordinary Plots: Meditations on Poems + Verse

Galway Kinnell's "The 26th of December"

C.D. Wright's "Crescent"

J. Estanislao Lopez's "What the Fingers Do"

Annie Dillard's "Some Questions and Answers about Natural History"

Marie Howe's "What the Silence Says"

Carl Phillips's "Delicately, Slow, the World Comes Back"

Patrycja Humienik's "Aubade in Which I Linger"

Matthew Yeager's "A Jar of Balloons or The Uncooked Rice"

Sally Wen Mao's "Ode to Emptiness"

Denise Levertov's "Action"

Jane Hirshfield's "Zero Plus Anything Is a World"

David Berman's "Classic Water"

Tawanda Mulalu’s “All We Got Was Autumn. All We Got Was Winter.”

Victoria Chang's "Grief"

Jane Mead's "I Wonder If I Will Miss the Moss"

Mary Ruefle's "Boutonniere"

Nicodemus Nicoludis's "Once in a While"

Abigail Wender's "Fable"

Michael Kleber-Diggs's "Embouchure"

Robert Wood Lynn's "(The Mothman Gets High)"

Ariel Yelen's "What Is This Air Changing, This Warm Aura, These Threads of Air Vibrating Rows of People"

Tyree Daye's "On Finding a Field"

Jody Gladding's "For Piano and Strings"

Reynolds Price's "Back"

Hieu Minh Nguyen's "Heavy"

I.S. Jones's "Between Grace and Mercy"

Marion Bell's "Austerity"

E.C. Belli's "Hues"

Linda Gregg's "We Manage Most When We Manage Small"

Elisa Gabbert's "Random Assignment"

Sean Thomas Dougherty's "Grief's Familiar Rooms"

Tracy K. Smith's "Poem in Which Nobody Says 'I Told You So'"

Robert Hayden's "Those Winter Sundays"

Mikko Harvey's "For M"

John Keene's "Beatitude"

Jim Harrison's "Becoming"

Derrick Austin's "Sadness Isn't the Only Muse"

Yanyi's "Detail"

Patrycja Humienik on Joanna Klink's "On Kingdoms"

Sophie Cabot Black's "It Never Goes Away"

Hua Xi's "Heaven"

Charif Shanahan's "Ligament"

Jason Shinder's "At Sunset"

Emily Skillings's "Bay"

Ricardo Alberto Maldonado's "Layaway"

Cornelius Eady's "Atomic Prayer"

Matthew Olzmann's "My Invisible Horse and the Speed of Human Decency"

Mary Oliver's "In Blackwater Woods"

Jenny George's "Reprieve"

Tung-Hui Hu's "How to Care?"

Kelly Schirmann’s "Dream of Relevancy"

Leon Stokesbury's "Unsent Message to My Brother in His Pain"